Bi Mi Tohuus — An Agricultural Report
Silvestria Europae
Lufthansa Innovation Hub Review 2016
Cosmos of Light
Münster Badges
Color Experiments – 13 weeks, 13 items
IN GRAPHICS Magazine – Infographics
Adventures from the Chest
Vallée und Partner – Animated Corporate Film
Svend Felding – The Viking Hero
Beiersdorf Annual Report – Case Study
Laute/Potthoff Webdesign / Photography / Infographics
Playing Arts Special Edition – King of Clubs ♣
Song Titles and Houses 2
2015's Sound & Screen
WIRED Germany 06/15
Song Titles and Houses
Nature Conquers All
I am the Danger!
Geistreiz Playing Card Deck
Hurricane – Visualized Information
The New Yorker - Cover Adaptions
Originality is Dead
Winter Hunt
Grown-up TV elephants
Surreal Future Steampunk Haven City
Helden der Kindheit
Dicke Fische
World's Ecosystem Services
Scotch Malt Whisky
Hotel Earth
Fall prevention
Fire and Blood
Game of Thrones Sigil Typography
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